SNL Wayne Wig


Wayne’s world, Wayne’s world…Excellent! Relieve the comic magic with this SNL Wayne Wig. This is going to be totally excellent!

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Does Halloween make you want to shout, “Party Time! Excellent!” and do a little riff on your air guitar?If so, we might have a little Top Ten list for you. Here goes! Top Ten Halloween accessories you need. 10: This SNL Wayne Wig. 9: This SNL Wayne Wig…we’ll save you to trouble. Let us bring you up to speed…Number 1: THIS SNL WAYNE WIG! You may get called “Babraham Lincoln” a few times while wearing this wig, but you’ll also be called “the life of the party.” So go ahead and broadcast “live” from the basement of your pal’s party in this iconic wig. And don’t forget your partner in crime Garth. You totally need him by your side as you countdown what you love about your fave holiday.

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