Billie Eilish Classic Yellow Costume for Kids


Step out on stage in this Billie Eilish Kids Classic Yellow Costume and you’ll capture the look. The severe moodiness is up to you.

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Okay, But How Bad?Billie Eilish walks this thin, thin line between funny and creepy. Is she telling the truth? Is she lying through her teeth? Her songs are too sly to tell! But there’s one thing for certain: Billie Eilish has style. From her all black ensembles to the neon streaks in her hair, Eilish is determined to forge her own path in fashion. Do you have a young Eilish fan in your home? They can dress up as their singing idol in this Billie Eilish Kids Classic Yellow Costume!Product DetailsThis costume is inspired by Eilish’s Bad Guy music video, in which she spends several scenes in a bright yellow ensemble. The hooded sweatshirt says “Billie Bad Guy” on the top left, while the back of the sweatshirt reads “DUH” in large black letters. The pants are a matching shade of yellow and feature the same black and yellow straps as the music video. All your child needs now is blue hair! Don’t worry—we have blue hair spray and even a blue Eilish wig on our website. All that’s left to do is let your child sing out! You Need This Costume (Duh!)Billie Eilish may walk the creepy line in her songs, but in real life she is warm to her fans and loves her family. She wears oversized clothes to avoid people talking about her body. She’s in it for the music, not the drama, and that’s something that we admire. Here’s to more funky tracks from this young star!

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