Care Bears Cheer Bear Soft Headband


Wherever she goes, Cheer Bear wears a symbol of hope and happiness – a rainbow. Cheer up your friends this Halloween with the Care Bears Cheer Bear Soft Headband!

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Got-You-Thinking CapThirty minutes into the meeting, you were over it. Your espresso with extra espresso had worn off, and the chipper mood you’d entered the conference room with had evaporated like the ice in the offered water pitcher. Suffice it to say you were grumpy. And your fellow meeting attendees looked just as out of it. Then the room at large was asked to put on their thinking caps and help solve the quarter goals conflict that you’d heard nothing about. And as distracted brains do, yours got stuck on something almost entirely unrelated to the ask. You started thinking about thinking caps and how you’d really prefer a cap that did something other than make you problem-solve. Like, a cap that made the meeting more fun. A cap that would lighten the mood, make people giggle, and possibly even solve the problem by simply boosting morale.Design & DetailsWe can’t promise our exclusive Cheer Bear Soft Headband would fall in line with your office dress code, but we do know it’s pretty good at making people smile. So, fight grumpy moods and boredom with the officially licensed accessory when you order today. The super-soft pink hat is made with velour & faux fur materials and has Cheer Bear’s charming face embroidered on top. A soft-sculpted tail and pair of ears are attached to the cap as well. The all-ages accessory fits securely thanks to its headband construction and makes a great addition to any costume closet, toybox, or bold everyday wardrobe!

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