Kid’s Black Cowboy Boots


This pair of Kid’s Black Cowboy Boots is a fun and affordable way to complete any cowboy costume or other western look. They’ll love coming up with different way to wear this cool boots!

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Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy! They say a cowboy is only as good as his boots. Okay…so maybe only we’re the ones who say that a cowboy is only as good as his boots, but that’s only because nothing pulls together the whole Western look like a set of nice cowboy boots! And think about it – how will anyone know that you’re a broco-buckin’, steer-steerin’, lasso-wrasslin’ cowboy unless you’re wearing the right boots? You ever heard of a cowboy doing all them cowboy things in a pair of sneaks? Course not! They’d be laughed straight out of the O.K. Corral! Without the right boots, your kid is just another cowpoke pretending to be the new sheriff in town. Or even worse, the guy at the campfire suggestin’ everyone try the salsa made in New York City!So get ‘em a pair of these Child Black Cowboy Boots when they’re ready to move ‘em on and head ‘em up! They’re are made of 100% synthetic materials with a faux leather exterior, and feature stitched Western style patterns along the foot and the calf. The heel measures in at a 1.5” height, and the toes have a pointed tip for that authentic cowboy boot look. Yee-haw!

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