Care Bears Cheer Bear Ears and Patch Kit


Accessorize your Care Bear costume perfectly with this Care Bears Cheer Bear Ears and Patch Kit. This kit includes an adorable pink headband, as well as the signature Cheer Bear patch.

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Three Cheers for CheerWe don’t know about you, but we think this world could use a bit more cheer. No special occasions needed, just good old fashioned joy mixed with a hefty dose of optimism…all day, every day. If you agree, then you may want to consider turning yourself into Cheer Bear from time to time. Imagine walking into your favorite coffee shop wearing this adorable Care Bears Cheer Bear Kit and ordering your usual beverage. It turns a mundane Monday morning routine into a cause for celebration! Or picture yourself showing up to a Halloween party decked out in this darling look? It turns an otherwise dull gathering into a peppy dance party! That’s just what cheer does. It uplifts everyone around! So grab this little kit and get to wearing it wherever you go. As we said, the world needs more cheer every day.Product DetailsThis cute and clever kit turns anyone into their favorite upbeat Care Bear, instantly! Affix Cheer Bear’s signature belly badge—a rainbow—onto a pink sweatshirt or tee, slip the pink furry ears over your head, and voila! You’ve got a quick, comfy, and cheerful costume that will make everyone you see giddy with joy. 

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