Trolls Boys Branch Premium Costume


Stray away from Branch’s normal and plan for the best night with this Trolls Boys Branch Premium Costume. He may live in fear, but Branch still knows how to have a good time.

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It’s Not Hug Time Some Trolls question your decision to live in a fortified bunker with lots of locks. Have these Trolls MET Princess Poppy? She’s a nightmare! Well, she’s not so much a nightmare as she is an insanely happy personality who thinks that life is sparkles and cupcakes and can put a positive spin on almost anything (except for being eaten by the Bergens). And she gives a LOT of hugs. It’s nuts. The worst part of it is that she challenges your own perpetually grumpy attitude and sometimes has you feeling almost *gasp* happy! Let’s face it: The Trolls need both of you if they’re going to survive the Bergens’ attack. Your gloom-and-doom outlook and Poppy’s cheerful hopefulness balance each other out and turn you into the perfect dynamic duo. Product Details Become the Troll’s grumpiest hero ever in this officially licensed Trolls Boys Branch Premium Costume! The long-sleeved mock turtleneck shirt resembles Branch’s skin tone when he’s sort-of-ish happy, and looks super realistic when paired with the matching three-fingered gloves. A green felt vest covered with leaf-shaped cutouts is sewn to the shirt. The pants have a comfortable elastic waistband and are sewn to the brown felt shorts, which have appliqued patches. Slip on the included wig with its synthetic purple hair and blue foam ears, and you’re ready to sing everyone to safety! Can’t Stop the FeelingYou can fight it, but you love to sing just as much as any other Troll. Team up with Poppy and the rest of the Snack Pack to bring color back to the Troll Kingdom forever! 

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