Boys Disney Onward Ian Deluxe Costume


Get ready for the quest of a lifetime with this Boys Onward Ian Deluxe Costume! Guinevere and Barley will make you love this great costume!

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Family funIan Lightfoot is just like any normal teenager. He loves eating at Burger Shire, and cake is probably his favorite food. He usually wears rumpled blue jeans, sneakers and a hoodie, just like any teen you’d see walking in the mall. He’s a little nervous about driving, like any new teen driver, and he thinks his big brother is really annoying, even though deep down he still loves him. Oh, and he also is on a quest to restore the rest of his father, who is currently a sentient pair of legs and not much else.Okay, that part is not exactly “typical teenage” fare. But we think every kid can relate to Ian, who’s just trying to form a relationship with a loved one and deal with his own struggles, like learning how to drive and fitting in at high school. Oh, and those super annoying winged unicorns that are always getting into the trash. Who doesn’t hate those things, right?Product DetailsMake sure your little guy is ready for his next big quest with this Boys Onward Ian Deluxe Costume. It comes with a gray Willowdale College sweatshirt with Ian’s red plaid button-up shirt peeking out from underneath, along with blue bottoms that look like Ian’s faded, rolled-up jeans. Of course, that would just look like a normal, not-at-all-enchanted costume without the best part: Ian’s blue hair and elf ears! The costume comes with a blue wig that features Ian’s signature swept back hairstyle, with his elf ears peeking out the sides.Off questingNext time your magic-loving mini-magician heads off on a quest (or just a really fast and strange errand), make sure they’re wearing this Boys Onward Ian Deluxe Costume. With a little bit of magic in their life, and the right costume, they can do anything!

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