Girl’s Incarcerated Cutie Costume


If looking cute was a crime, your young one would be looking a life sentence in the Girl’s Incarcerated Cutie Costume!

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Little but still at LargeYour can away with anything. You can’t blame her, really. You’ve accidentally enforced this belief. When she was two she’d giggle maniacally as she ran away as from “monster jail”. And then there’s everything she’s stolen. She’s stolen countless bites from your dinner plate, hours of your time telling you silly stories and more love than you ever even thought you had. So it’s no wonder that she’s escaped from jail every time she’s been in the clink.Last time she went to jail for a pile of late library books. One would have been bad enough but then she blatantly shook off authority when she took out not one, not two, but five books. That would have been bad enough but she was spotted eating a peanut butter sandwich while reading a brand-new hardcover novel. That’s a criminal act if we’ve ever seen one. But they couldn’t keep her down long. That book she was reading while snacking? She learned more from that book than the library authorities could have guessed. And the prison uniform? Well, she decided to rock it even after her escape. Those stripes are pretty cool, after all!Product Details & DesignYour little one will feel perfectly comfortable digging herself out of a pickle in this fitted striped ensemble. This Made by Us ensemble features a striped top has buttons up the front. You’ll also get a black collar and numbers on the front. The striped pants match the top and the classic flat old-school prisoner hat.The Great EscapeNo one can escape jail solo. Head out with the whole family in stripes. The police authorities will never be able to find you folks when you put your heads together. Just remember the basics. Walk upstream, keep your path unpredictable, and for goodness sake, keep those library raids to a minimum until your names are clear!

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