Dark Gothic Braid Black Wig


Become the goth girl you aspire to be with this Dark Gothic Braid Black Wig! This wig could be the finishing touch to an amazing costume this Halloween.

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Little Miss Ray of Darkness Unicorns and sparkles – who needs them? It’s better to love the darker things in life: like ghosts and decapitations and the Bermuda Triangle. You’re the target audience for every true crime podcast and serial killer documentary. In terms of beverage preferences, you like your coffee as black as your heart. It’s important to let people know what you’re like by the way you dress so they’re not too shocked when you bring up things like the best way to build a guillotine. Product Details Show your true personality with your Dark Gothic Black Braids Costume Wig! Made of 100 percent synthetic hair styled in two lovely braids, this wig is perfect for either going to parties or summoning spirits in the mirror with candles. The wig mesh cap has an elastic edge to keep it firmly on your head. Death of the Party Happy gatherings with clowns and confetti aren’t really your speed, but midnight celebrations with vampires and ghouls? You’re so there! Grab your black lipstick and get ready to really live it down, so to speak. 

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