Space Jam A New Legacy Tune Squad Jersey & Shorts


The team needs you, are you ready to ball out? Wear the Space Jam A New Legacy Tune Squad Jersey & Shorts and become part of the team that is always available and ready for action.

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Shoot from the HipRunning up and down the court all day can be really hard on your legs. You have to jog constantly, only breaking it up with sprints, fake outs, and the occasional stop for a foul. All that work makes for some pretty powerful lower body muscles, which is why Bugs Bunny developed the all-powerful hip shot.How it works is that you pass the ball to a buddy (or bunny), knowing that they will pass it back immediately. You simply set your body at such an angle that the ball will rebound off of your hip and sail right into the basket! It pretty much only works in the Tune Squad, but don’t let that fact stop you from trying it at your next game!Suiting UpWhenever the team needs you, you will be there in style when you wear these Space Jam A New Legacy Tune Squad Jersey and Shorts. This outfit has all the movie-accurate details that you will love, from the logo that is on the jersey and shorts to the colors themselves. The squad won’t think twice when you hit the court in this comfortable, cool, and officially licensed uniform. Just remember to practice your three pointers a little so you don’t embarrass Bugs!

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