Women’s Bastet Cat Purse


Complete your Egyptian queen costume with this detailed women’s Bastet Cat Purse accessory. It will look pur-fect with your magnificent Cleopatra costume!

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She of the Ointment JarBastet was known as an intensely fierce cat goddess that was in charge of defending the pharaoh. While her name translates to, “she of the ointment jar”, she doesn’t actually have anything to do with cold cream. This fierce lion goddess has been around for about four-thousand years. Bastet’s symbols decorated both the pharaoh’s chambers as well as the jewelry of mothers and women who wanted to be mother’s. The idea was, like a house cat, she would be tender to her young and fierce to anyone who might threaten those under her care. She sounds like a goddess we wouldn’t mind having around!Details & DesignMake sure Bastet has your back when you dress up in an Egyptian costume this Halloween. This plush black and gold cat is Made by Us meaning it has little details added by our in-house designers like the dignified striped ears and intelligent face. The body has a zipper on the back so you can carry your belongings without interrupting the ancient theme of your look. The pretty paws are circled with the fourteen-inch tail and the long chain slings over your shoulder for a comfortable look that you can carry around all nightAdaptable ArtifactsMake sure your belongings stay close at hand when you put them in the hands of the fierce goddess, Bastet. After all, when you’re proudly walking into the room as Nefertiti or Cleopatra, you need a goddess to back up your authority. So throw the gold chain over your shoulder to let everyone know you’re not “kitten” around! 

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