Pretty as a Peacock Pet Costume


Have your pet ready to show off their beautiful peacock feathers when you dress them up in this Pretty as a Peacock Pet Costume. This Pretty as a Peacock Pet Costume will have them ready to shake a tail feather or wag their tail.

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Pet PerfectionAs a little kid, you always dreamed of a home full of pets. There would be dogs and cats of course, but also fish, birds, horses, ferrets, snakes, and even a majestic peacock strutting about the garden. And now that you’re grown, you’ve managed to make your animal menagerie dreams come true…well, almost. You never did get that peacock!But wait, what’s that coming through your hedges? It looks bright blue and teal, like prancing plumage. It’s a peacock! Er, actually, it’s your faithful pooch, dressed in this darling Pretty as a Peacock Costume for Pets. Too cute. Now you can have your pup and your peacock, not to mention an adorable outfit for a trick-or-treating walk around the neighborhood!Product DetailsSo just how does one turn a dog into a peacock without a magic potion? This costume makes it a cinch, with its easy-on body piece that makes your pooch’s midsection look like the wings of a bird. The tail section stands up and is printed with pretty peacock plumage in hues of emerald, cobalt, turquoise, and gold. The headpiece turns your forever faithful’s furry face into a peacock’s head, complete with beak, eyes, and even a blue crest.

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