Women’s Plus Size Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume


Rule the Nile with this Women’s Plus Size Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume. This authentic Halloween costume will have you asserting your authority in no time.

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Queen for a DayThose ancient rulers really knew how to live it up. Why join the 9 to 5 drudgery when you could float down the Nile River on a gilded barge, being fanned by your loyal attendants and eating sugared dates? After all, as ruler of Egypt, you’re the living embodiment of the Sun God. You really deserve these special perks. Nowadays, it’s harder to get that royal treatment. Having thousands of servants isn’t really a thing anymore, and you probably wouldn’t want it anyway because, you know, modern sensibilities and human equality and all. But you can still treat yo self! Get that cat eyeliner you’ve been coveting for months. Book yourself a manicure fit for a princess. And dress as the most sensational, seductive ruler in history this Halloween! Product DetailsShow what a queen you are in this Plus Size Women’s Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume! The pullover dress has a soft, velvety top and a ethereal, shimmery skirt that wafts in the warm breezes wafting around the pyramids. The attached blue sleeves are as divinely blue as the desert sky, and the golden apron features matching blue jewels. A jeweled collar is the last word in decadent finery. Endless PossibiltiesThe best thing about dressing as Cleopatra is that you can play it as dialed-down or as sumptuous as you like. You can choose to find a dainty headpiece and go the understated-yet-regal route, or you can twine a live snake around your arm and make your entrance on a royal litter. The choice is yours! 

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