Athena Costume for Girls


Straight from Olympia, we present: Athena the wise! If your little one is always ready with a kind words and good ideas she will make a wonderful Athena. Who knows, they might even name another city after her.

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Hey, so don’t take offense, has your daughter ever given you a headache? Think back, like really hard. Maybe back to the day she was born, do you remember getting a splitting headache and then she sprung out of your head wearing a full set of armor? No, you don’t remember that? Hey, no, we’re not being weird! That’s how Athena was born in the legends, we’re not the weird ones, blame the Greeks. If you’re looking for a strong and wise character for your daughter to dress as, you’ll like this exclusive costume. Athena is one of the most logical Goddesses in Olympia, in charge of wisdom and war, she doesn’t seem to mess with the lives of humans nearly as much as the other deities. Dressing up in disguises and testing out man’s loyalty to the gods just wasn’t her style. She preferred giving gifts to manlike the bridle, to make it possible for man to tame horses, or the pot, how much do we take the pot for granted these days. She was actually so responsible that Zeus even let her borrow his lightning bolt every so often, that might even beat borrowing the car for the evening. If your little girl is kind, thoughtful, and loving then she’ll make a great Athena. She’ll love wearing the flowy layers of chiffon with the light weight feathered armor. She’ll be Instagram ready with the wrist gauntlets and the noble, golden circlet. With a goddess as cute as she will be we’ll go ahead and declare her worth the headache.

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