Plastic Whistle With Neck Lanyard


Whether you’re dressing as a referee or looking to be the ‘official’ sports official, the Plastic Whistle With Lanyard is essential to any game ruling outfit!

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Feel the PowerThere’s something so OFFICIAL about having a whistle! Just holding it up like you’re going to let out an earsplitting blast gets peoples’ attention. A whistle says, “I’m in charge here, folks, so listen up!” It’s a good thing that all of the power would never go to your head. You would never use a whistle as part of a practical joke, or as a distraction from you stealing the last cookie. Of course not. Product DetailsTake charge with this awesome Plastic Whistle with Lanyard! This accessory is perfect for adding realism to your lifeguard, referee, traffic cop, and train engineer costumes. The whistle has a cork ball and makes a good, loud noise when you blow into it. Its included lanyard has a swivel to prevent knots and comes in orange, black, or blue. *TWEET* Heads up! This authority figure has something to say: and that’s that their costume is clearly the best, thanks to their cool accessories! 

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