Men’s Robin Hood Costume


Play the part of a heroic outlaw with this Men’s Robin Hood Costume. Feel the spirit of this legendary bandit of Sherwood forest.

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MERRY MEN SEEKING FOREST FRIEND Hello, there, and great gratitude for stopping by to check out this little message posted on trees nearby Nottingham in Sherwood Forest.  We’re a group of forest-dwelling simple folk.  Some might call out outlaws, but that’s just because of a lofty lout who crowned himself king and a ne’er-do-well sheriff who can hardly heft up on horseback!  We like good drink, fine songs, and love pinching pennies from corrupt noblemen!   We’re seeking a brave buck who doesn’t mind standing up to the real bad guys.  You should have perfect aim with a bow and arrow or at least look convincing and dashing while nocking an arrow… (or knocking one back).  Prepare to look dashing in forest tones and be fleet of foot just in case Little John or Friar Tuck fail at their stealthy maneuvers.  (They will fail at their stealthy maneuvers.)  Lead us to riches… or at least victory against the rich! DESIGN & DETAILS We know that no folk hero would be complete without a rugged look, so our own band of merry designers have worked hard to give you the perfect set of exclusive garb that will mark you as the leader of the outlaws of Sherwood Forest.  This Robin Hood Costume is a dark green tunic with a 3/4 sleeve and attached hood with detailed brown trim.  The brown belt is extra long with a dark brass buckle, so you can arrange it in any Renaissance style you like while you loop it through the hollowed out brown quiver.  Just get yourself a bow and Nerf arrows and you’ll be ready to stop Prince John from this corruption!RUMORS OF A MAIDEN FAIRE Perhaps hanging with a bunch of forest-dwelling outlaws isn’t the future you were aiming for, but we do hear that Maid Marion has her eye looking for a give-to-the-poor type that you might be perfect for.  Join the cause, Robin Hood!

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