Kids Candy Cane Costume


Whether your child is appearing in a Christmas play or just wants to dress up as their favorite holiday candy, this Candy Cane Kids Costume is perfect!

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JUST HOW SWEET IS THAT KID?We’ve all got our favorite treats and, depending on the season, maybe you’ve got a few more of them around the house than normal.  But, the other curious thing is that the closer we get to a holiday, the more likely sweets are going to be around the house, there is an astonishing correlation to how sweet our kiddos are going to be, too!  It is like they have some kind of innate connection with… candy?  Not sure where that’s coming from, but it is well worth investigating! Well, since peppermint candy is so much fun, a bit sweet, a little tingly, it seems a perfect place to begin exploring just how much of an effect it may have on your tyke.  Maybe your kid is always a breath of fresh air in your life.  Perhaps you want to show just how much a breath that may be!  Well, we’ve got some perfect ways that you can sweeten up your holidays and remind your darling just how soon that candy might be coming, too!FUN DETAILSSweeten up everything with this Child Candy Cane Costume.  This pullover tunic has holes for your kiddo’s arms and face and features a foam backed fabric that helps to keep the candy cane’s upper shape.  That sort of fantastic look might seem a little simplistic, but just think of the easy fun that we all have with the iconic candy cane already!  Toss a few extra mini candy canes in your kiddo’s pockets and you’ll have a great time in no time!A SWEET COSTUME FOR A SWEETIETrying to get your kiddo geared up is sometimes a crazy mess.  But, it can all be made so easy with this simple and delicious Candy Cane Costume.  This is one candy cane that will never crumble or melt away and everyone will get to see your little one as the sweet spice of life that they are to you!

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