Vintage Hollywood Faux Mink Stole


You will definitely be the one who ‘stole’ the show when you wear this Vintage Hollywood Faux Mink Stole. A great accessory to pull off your Audrey Hepburn cosplay!

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You’ve got a good idea of how to climb your way up society’s ladder. You’ve got grace and bearing. More importantly, you’ve got that ambitious drive. Who knows what’s waiting in the wings for a lady of your character, maybe you’ll even make it to the silver screen. One thing is for sure, you sure know how to dress the part. As we all know, grace can’t be learned, either you have it or you don’t. You were lucky enough to be born with it. A woman like you knows just how to wrap this gorgeous fur around yourself like a dramatic diva is supposed to. So, whether you are shopping at Tiffany’s or rubbing elbows at The Harmonic Club you’ll be dressed to impress when you pair your white fur stole with an elegant black gown and some tasteful jewels. Stick around long enough and you might catch the eye of that big time movie producer.

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