Seventh Doctor Knit Beanie


Become the Seventh doctor with the Seventh Doctor Knit Beanie. Perfect for any fan of the series and it’s a great way to stay warm too!

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Come On, We’ve Got Work To DoThe popular science fiction series, Dr. Who, has been airing for decades. Since the 60s, the series has had many different incarnations of the Doctor. If you truly are a Whovian, then you should easily recognize the design of this knit beanie. The same cherry red question mark pattern appeared on the Seventh Doctor’s sweater vest! Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy, this incarnation of the doctor was whimsical, manipulative, and loved question marks. Not only did they cover his pullover, he even had an umbrella with a question mark-shaped handle. Some say that the questionable pattern reflected the mysterious aspects of the Seventh Doctor’s personality. If you like to be mysterious (or just have an unusual fondness for this specific punctuation) then this Seventh Doctor Knit Beanie is exactly what you need!Product DetailsJust like the Seventh’s iconic pullover, this knit beanie is also covered in tons of cherry red question marks. They are knitted over a bright yellow base. Between each row of question marks is a turquoise zigzag pattern. The beanie is made of 100 percent acrylic material and designed so that one size should fit most. Once you toss it on, nobody will question your love for Dr. Who!

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