Kid’s Party Dress Panda Costume


Who needs sweet treats and candy on Halloween night when your little girl can just eat bamboo like a panda in this adorable Kid’s Party Dress Panda Costume!

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Fancy That!Pandas are somewhat mysterious creatures. But scientists are learning more and more about them each day. For instance, it turns out, pandas have a unique proclivity in the animal world — the desire to feel fancy! Yep, that black and white fur is no coincidence. It seems pandas are more likely to want to attend a grand ball than a house party, to dine on fresh green bamboo salads than fast food, and to dress to the nines rather than don sweats and a hoodie. We’re…um…not exactly sure where scientists got all this research, but it seems legit. In any case, this Kid’s Party Dress Panda costume, then, is the perfect fancy-dancy take on everyone’s favorite bear. And just in time for Halloween!Design & DetailsAs rare and elusive as a wild panda, this exclusive costume was dreamt up in our very own design studio, and it combines the frill and fun of a party frock with the iconic fur of a panda. The result is a hooded, long-sleeved, fit-and-flare look that’s made for your little one. The luxe fabric and darling details — like a panda face on top and cute fingerless mitts — help this costume feel fresh and fancy free!Life’s a BallSo go ahead and let your child throw a “fancy” Halloween ball. She’s already decked out to see and be seen. And who knows? Maybe a penguin in a tux will show up to boogie on the dance floor with your little party panda! 

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