Harry Potter Child Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe Costume


If you feel like you’re a true Hufflepuff, then you’re going to need the Harry Potter Child Deluxe Hufflepuff Robe for your first semester at Hogwarts.

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Let’s Hear it For Helga!There’s a lot of drama in the wizarding world. Dark wizards volley for power. New spells and charms are discovered and escape into the muggle world. Then the powers that be must do a little damage control. And in all that turmoil, Helga Hufflepuff formed a comfortable little world for her students. Instead of defense against the dark arts or struggling to make prophecies of the future, she focused on the skills that would make the wizarding world nurturing and comfortable. She created the recipes for Hogwarts magical feasts and nurtured the school’s mysterious gardens. She didn’t make strict guidelines for her students, she simply wanted to share her knowledge with all the students of Hogwarts, no matter what their skills might be. If your kiddo is open-minded, inclusive, and curious, they’re probably the Hufflepuff sort. Once they sort themselves out, they’ll need a uniform that’ll flaunt their house pride!Details & DesignThis soft robe is sure to bring the magic of Hogwarts to life for your little one. The robe has wide sleeves to make charm-casting more exciting than ever. Trimmed in gold fabric, this costume also has the Hufflepuff shield on the front. Topped in a wide hood, it’s ready for costume parties, playing pretend, as well as photoshoots. Unafraid of ToilNext time your child is helping you make cookies or watering your houseplants, you can thank your lucky stars that you’ve got a Hufflepuff on your hands. Want to make this robe even more special? Pair this with all sorts of accessories such as the Hufflepuff tie, pleated skirt, or even socks. Whether you’re planning on heading out for some magical trick-or-treating or you’re preparing for a Harry Potter-themed party, this costume will make your kiddo excited for their new wizarding identity. Just think of all the adventures to come!

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