Adult Where’s Waldo Classic Waldo Costume


This Where’s Waldo adult costume will give you the classic book character look you are need. Nobody is going to be able to find you at your Halloween party this year!

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He Went That Way!  Waldo is one celebrity who is famous for an unusual reason: His elusiveness! You might be on a crowded beach full of tourists, sunbathers, and seagulls, and never catch a glimpse of him. Wait – is that him over there? No, that’s just a striped sun umbrella. The thrill of the chase is real! Now imagine taking that concept and turning it into a costume. Not only will you get plenty of smiles and laughs, but you could totally liven up a party or a night out by giving your buddies a clue to your whereabouts and then slipping away. While they’re tracking you down, you’ll be watching from your extra-clever hiding place! Product DetailsChallenge your friends to find you in this officially licensed Where’s Waldo Adult Classic Waldo Costume! The iconic outfit includes a long-sleeved shirt made of comfortable one hundred percent polyester that moves with you as you lose yourself in a crowd. The pullover-style shirt is patterned with bold, thick red and white stripes just like the famous cartoon character. A matching polyester hat has a turned-up cuff and is crowned with an oversized red pom-pom. The finishing touch is the pair of black plastic glasses with round frames fitted with clear lenses. Once they find you, no one will be able to overlook you! The Biggest Game of Hide and Seek Ever Blend in or stand out – the choice is yours! Either way, prepare to gain notoriety as having one of the funniest costumes around. 

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