Adult Niffler Plush Hat


This adorable Fantastic Beast Adult Niffler Plush Hat will be the perfect way to dress up for your next Harry Potter or costume event. Just wear all black and this plush hat and you’ll be set!

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What is it about kiddos ability to get their hands on anything they desire and then vanish at speeds no one can comprehend. Try a lock on the cookie jar, if you’re on  — trust us. But is that skill a natural gift bestowed to all kids, or is it possible they have a secret they’re not sharing? Hear us out: perhaps they are colluding with magical creatures to eat all the sweet treats we have lying around.Sorry, we get carried away sometimes. But these are the kinds of mysteries we need to solve! Muggle or Magic-Born, we’re fascinated by the Niffler, which tops our list of Most Suspicious Magical Creatures. They must be the ones helping the little ones hone their snatching abilities! Quick, we need you to go undercover and get some information for us. Would you mind? If it’s not too much of a hassle, toss this Niffler Plush Hat on your noggin. One size fits most, so you don’t have to worry about that, and the stuffed snout with plastic eyes should be servicable in our goal of getting as much information out of the Nifflers and/or the kids! Please don’t let us down. We don’t know how many mornings we can bear waking up to no cookies in the office cookie jar. We’re about to ban kids and Nifflers from the premises! 

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