Sesame Street Infant Oscar the Grouch Costume


You’ll have the cutest little grouch ever when your child puts on the Sesame Street Infant Oscar the Grouch Costume. Just don’t stay in the garbage can forever!

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A Testament to TrashHave you ever wondered why Oscar is a grouch? Some people think that it’s because he lives in the trash. We have to strongly disagree! We think he’s grumpy because no one understands his love of things that have been tossed away. An old tennis shoe, a tangled ball of twine, an egg carton, he sees potential for interest in all of these things. Does that sound like anyone you know? It just might! Some kids just love sorting through junk! They’ll dive into piles of trash and sort through it like it’s yeah… you guessed it… treasure. The best you can do to keep them out of the grody kind. With the amount of fun your kid has with the dirtier side of life, you might as well lean in and let them dress as the mayor of trash, the resident of rubbish, head honcho of rubbish, Oscar the Grouch!Product DetailsIf your kiddo loves Sesame Street than this licensed costume is sure to be a hit! The featured tunic has a soft, green faux fur top and foam trash can bottom. It’s simple to slip on over your kid’s clothes so they can stay warm and itch-free on Halloween night. It secures with a hook and loop fastener up the back to make changing nice and simple. Topped off with a sculpted hood featuring Oscar’s expressive eyes and bushy brows, your kiddo will be ready to stand their ground as an advocate for rubbish this Halloween!

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