Adult Catnip the Cat Mascot Costume


You will surely be the cat’s meow in this Catnip the Cat Mascot Costume. This is such a soft jumpsuit that crowds of people will be lining up to pet you!

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You’ll be ‘feline fine’ when you’re dressed as a giant kitty! You have to admit, cats and kitties are totally in right now. You can’t go on your Facebook or Instagram without scrolling down and finding an adorable cat picture in your newsfeed. I’m sure everyone will want to take a picture of you if you’re dressed in this Catnip the Cat Mascot Costume. Think of the cats that came before you: Nyan, Grumpy, Keyboard… they’re the biggest feline stars EVER. Find your niche of silly pouncing, cardboard box filling, or adorable mewing, and you may just be the next big internet star!

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