Beachside Betty Costume for Women


Are you just an old fashioned gal stuck in a modern world? This Beachside Betty Adult Costume should make you feel right at home on the beach with your favorite guy!

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Are you a fan of the good ol’ days? When swimming meant a full day at the beach, packed picnics, and old cars that were crank-started? We miss those days too. Yeah, okay, so we can’t technically miss those days because we weren’t there or anything, but we still like the idea of it! Romantic beach days with loose, stylish swimsuits? Yes, please!Back in the early 1900s, swimsuits were more like pajamas. No uncomfortable straps or spandex, just loose fitting clothes to go take a dip in. Some had bright classy stripes. Some had sleeves and some didn’t. Swimmers might wear hats to protect their hair, or maybe carry a cute little parasol to help shade them from the sun. Yeah, the more we talk about it, the more we want a vintage beach party. Would you be interested?If you were interested in coming, you’d of course have to dress appropriately. And for a day of vintage-style beach fun you’d need to wear something like this Beachside Betty Adult Costume. It’s 100 percent polyester with red and white stripes. The bloomers and tunic have white lace trim and there’s even matching socks and a matching cap! This outfit is perfect for some old-time glamour on the beach and we even have a matching male version. Be sure to make it to the party on time. It’s sure to be a lollapalooza!

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