Adult Mothman Costume


Become your favorite monster with the Adult Mothman Costume. Be consumed by the light and attracted to every bright object that comes your way in this scary costume.

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Flying FrightDeep in the woods of West Virginia lurks a terrifying being. Its wings flutter overhead as you unknowingly drive beneath it, wondering why you’re so lost even when you have GPS. Its red eyes glow in the dar, awaiting your fate. Perhaps you’d think that a giant bug with a fetish for porch lights isn’t that scary. You’d be wrong. Not only does this sinister figure have supernatural powers, he also has supernatural knowledge of future events. Normally, it would be nice to have a little forewarning about the future – say, a hint that a certain appetizer is guaranteed to make you feel a little queasy, or a tip that there’ll be a surprise quiz in class on Monday. But grim warnings about huge tragedies? No thanks. We’ll pass! Product Details Flap into any Halloween party with the most original costume when you wear this exclusive Mothman Costume for Adults! The full-length black jumpsuit has soft faux fur on the torso to simulate a moth’s downy body. The oversized headpiece is also covered in faux fur, except for two huge red eyes that also serve as viewing ports so that you can see where you’re going. A pair of gloves with long fingers and hooked thumbs adds to the costume’s creepiness. The red, grey and black wings are stretched over wire to give them body. FYI, flying with them has not been tested. Insidious InsectThis isn’t your typical moth, the kind that you see knocking harmlessly against window screens on summer evenings. This moth is more likely to kick down the door and chase you around your living room. Better get a giant can of insect repellent when you visit its neck of the woods! 

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