Women’s Charleston Flapper Costume


Just add a few accessories and you’re ready to go in this women’s Charleston flapper dress costume with included headband and gloves.

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What’s your signature dance move? Are you a bobber, someone who mostly nods with various degrees of intensity? May you’re more of wacky inflatable dancer type, someone who loses control of their arms as soon as the beat hits them. We all have our go-to moves but do we really know what we’re doing on the dance floor these days? There are people who spastically take up all the room while the rest of us stand around trying to look cool. Whatever happened to official dances that we could dance together?When the waltz came around everyone thought it was scandalous (leave it to the Victorians to find the waltz scandalous). Apparently, courtly elders frowned on the waltz because it required two people to dance close together. Yikes. If only those old guys knew that it wouldn’t be long until young ladies would start throwing away their corsets and raising their hemlines.Talk about perfect timing. As women’s fashion was changing, so was music. Jazz had been developing in Harlem since the turn of the century and by the 20s jazz and the notable dance craze, The Charleston, was ready to blast into mainstream culture. If you were making your entrance at a fancy roaring 20s party you’d be all the rage in this outfit. The dropped waist with its pleated crepe skirt maintains a slim figure while allowing for those wild dance moves. You’ve got the faux fur caplet, fingerless lace gloves, and headband, now all you need are the dance moves. Now you’re going to know your signature dance move, it’s the flapper!

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