Yu-Gi-Oh: YuGi Boy’s Costume


Get your kid ready for some duels with the Yu-Gi-Oh YuGi Boy’s Costume! Take on Halloween looking like their favorite anime character!

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The Younger YugiMany might find it a little surprising to note that none of Yugi Muto’s friends never seem to get at all shocked when their best buddy activates the Millenium Puzzle and transforms into the identity of the mighty Yami Yugi, the Pharaoh of ancient times and master of the true Shadow Games! Then again, it took a good while for folks to realize that this fun little card game had quite a bit more going on in the background than they thought. Of course, those who know the magic of the Millenium Puzzle (and of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh!) know that good old Yugi isn’t actually changing that much. Maybe getting some bolstered confidence from Yami and a few tips on how to trust in the true heart of the cards, but Yugi isn’t actually changing all that much. Still, we can’t deny that Yami definitely has the better style of the two. We think it is time that the younger Yugi gets a screen time rocking the Pharaoh’s look! Design & DetailsHelp your tyke pull off the look of the ultimate Duel Master with this kid’s Yu-Gi-Oh costume of Yugi featuring Yami’s style! This costume starts with a sleeveless shirt and more belts than you can count. Actually, it is just two belts, plus a choker, and a pair of wrist cuffs. So… five, kinda? (The more belts means the more power in an anime, though, right!?) The cape snaps to the front of the shirt and functions like a cape due to Yami’s stellar style. Complete the look with the Millenium Puzzle and it’s time to duel! The Duel MasterIt doesn’t seem fair that Yami is always the one running the matches, does it? It’s about time that your youngster duel master shows off just how awesome they can be! Style up with this Yu-Gi-Oh! costume and help your tyke get in touch with the heart of the cards. 

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