Ghostbusters Deluxe Toddler Costume


The scary monsters will be more afraid of you than you are of them. Wearing the Ghostbusters Toddler Deluxe Costume makes you the scariest thing to monsters!

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Blockbusting Business VentureIs your child always coming up with new ways to make money? If so, then they’ve probably covered the basics. You know them. There are the summer lemonade stands, raking lawn in the spring, and maybe they even try to sell their questionable yet adorable homemade ornaments in the winter. If your child has been through all of these ideas and they’re still looking for ways to make more pocket money, perhaps it’s time they get serious and join a team. You know what we’re getting at… The Ghostbusters! This adorable uniform will have your little one on call for one of the most important jobs in this, the spookiest of seasons. Details & DesignThis license kids costume will make the classic movie Ghostbusters come alive for your little one! The jumpsuit zips up the front and has zippered pockets peppered throughout. The pant hems unzip to widen to make sure your kid can comfortably get their feet in and out. The Ghostbuster icon is attached to one sleeve while an interchangeable name tag attaches to the hook and loop strip on the chest. Your kid can choose what character from the movie that they want to be. The costume is topped off with the Proton pack that printed with vibrant mechanical lights and wires. The wand attaches to the side of the pack to make your kid’s Ghostbuster costume fun and interactive. Boss of the Boos!While you might think getting into the ghostbusting business might be a little scary for your kiddo, the Ghostbuster uniform will make your child feel brave on Halloween night. When your kiddo starts to tremble at the ghosts hanging in the trees and the skeletons peeking out of windows while out trick-or-treating, just tell your kiddo to point their proton wand at whatever is scaring them and they’ll be the one in charge!

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