Wrist Shackles


This pair of wrist shackles can be used to secure the bad guys or to convince others of your own guilty criminal activity this Halloween!

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We don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you’ve done as long as you wear these cuffs. Because you’re in the system now, so put out those paws, it’s time for the irons. That’s pretty much what the prison warden said, right? Have you thought about escaping? Whether you’re guilty or not, we’ve got some tips. We hear the trick to escaping is to run upstream so those bloodhounds lose your scent in the stream. Harrison Ford pulled this off successfully in the 1993 classic, The Fugitive. You could also recruit inmates to escape with you. The dapper Clooney may have come to regret this decision along his journey, but for the most part this tactic worked in O Brother, Where Art Thou? Most of all, don’t despair. You may be in irons but you know what they say, chains are meant to be broken.

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