Half Gallon Jug of Blood


Sometime the only thing that will take your Halloween costume to the next level is well…a Half Gallon Jug of Blood! No one will be able to top your scary costume look!

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Blood BathSo, we’re going to level with you. There are only a few reliable ways to come by a full jug of blood. A few are very gruesome ways that you would expect (which we won’t outline here), but let’s just say that they are quite…involved (not to mention illegal). But the very best, least messy, and most legal and gentle way to go about obtaining a large quantity of blood is to simply nab this Half Gallon Jug of Blood!Trust us, there is nothing that real blood can do that this stand-in can’t! And in a handy jug that keeps it stored nicely, this product is bound to make your Halloween dreams — and nightmares — come true!Design & DetailsThere are so many uses for fake blood at Halloween! Perhaps you want to be a vampire or a zombie back from the dead. Maybe you are wanting to impersonate an on-screen serial killer or a deranged killer clown. Or perhaps you simply want to use this blood to spatter on your porch, windows, and mirrors to create an eerie haunted house effeect. However you use this 64-ounces of vibrant red, realistic fake blood, it’ll be a scream!

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