Women’s Still Pretty Lady Costume


You’ll feel exotic and look sexy in this Women’s Still Pretty Lady Costume. This dress is partially open in the midriff area and white on top with a blue tie dye color on the bottom half.

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The Belle of the BoutiqueHave you ever wanted to walk into a fancy store and buy whatever you needed? Do you ever dream of shopping for a fancy cocktail dress? Are you ready to trade in your daily duds for some classy “garments?” Well, we hope those shopkeepers work on commission! ‘Cause here you come!This Women’s Still Pretty Lady Costume is the perfect ensemble for frequenting Beverly Hills boutiques. You’ll look totally out of place, but that’s half the fun! The real fun, of course, comes when you return later and make them all eat their assumptions about you. Of course, there are a lot of things you can pretend to be while dressed in this awesome look—it’s all about how you style it. You can be a performer, a yoga instructor, a club promoter, a DJ, a celebrity out on the town. Make up your own backstory!Product DetailsThis look comprises a single, striking dress. It’s white on the top with a cutout midriff and a ring loop connecting the bust of the dress to the skirt. The skirt is marbled blue and form-fitting. Wear it with a pair of thigh-high black boots, a host of necklaces, and a cute blonde bob wig, or accessorize it however you want to support your unique character’s story. Don’t Make a Big MistakeTrust us, snatching up this clever costume while you can is a smart move. If you miss it, it will be a big mistake. Huge! And no one wants that.

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