Adult Emoji Wink Smiley Costume


This Adult Emoji Wink Smiley Costume is a quick way to flirt with everyone without having to move any of your face muscles. All you have to do is face the person and point.

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Flirting Is HardWe’ve all been there: We think up amazing, clever, undeniably attractive things to say to the person we’re crushing on. These pickup lines will charm their socks off and make them want to be yours as soon as they lay eyes on you. And then in the heat of the moment, you choke from the excitement and end up saying something like “So…do you like bread?” No!! Oh, the humanity!! If only there was a way to flirt without having to work at it! Product DetailsLet everyone know that you’re here to make a flirty first impression with this Emoji Wink Smiley Costume for Adults! The outfit includes a sleeveless yellow tunic that slips on over your head and has holes for your arms. The front is printed with graphics that include a sassy smile and winking eyes. It comes with a pair of white gloves that have four padded fingers each. They’re not that great for typing, but they’re definitely good at getting your crush’s attention! Are You an Emoji?Because you’re really cute and you’d look good on a phone and wait – wait, no, that’s not how it goes. Um, so do you like bread? Just kidding! Even if your tongue is tied, this costume will do all of the talking for you. How would you like to land a Halloween date without ever having to say something smooth? Results not guaranteed, but we have a really good feeling that your natural charisma, plus this outfit, will win the day. 

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