Girl’s Mummy Dress Costume


A fun twist on your average mummy costume? We have you covered with this Girl’s Mummy Dress Costume. Complete with all the flowing wrapped fabric, to give you your iconic mummy feel with just a little bit of lace!

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Up From the UndergroundMolly the mummy had been sleeping for a thousand years. She was pretty cozy in her colorful sarcophagus, but she was a little lonely too. She dreamt about playing with all the dogs, princes, and princesses etched onto the walls of her room. Then, something happened. She heard the sounds of the rock moving. After that, she heard muffled noises. Suddenly, she saw a crack of light as a little girl in khaki cracked open her sarcophagus. When she sat up and groaned, the girl ran away. And when she shambled out of her stone bed, all the scientists gathered in the room screamed.”It’s the mummy’s curse!”, they all cried. Molly the mummy sneezed from a thousand years worth of dust and sand. “Cursed?”, She asked. “Oh no, I’ve been asleep for a thousand years. I’m ready to play!”Do you think your kiddo would make a merry mummy? If so, maybe it’s time she breaks out from the underground and gets her day in the sun!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us costume is just the kind of look that a modern mummy needs! The comfortable mummy dress was designed by our own in-house creative team. The fitted top is slung with mummy wrappings and has slightly spooky white lace sleeves that match the strips of lace on the skirt. Securing up the back with hook and loop strip fasteners, this costume is easy to slip into and is a great mix of creepy and cute!Pyramid PartyThere’s no reason that your little mummy can’t enjoy wearing this costume more than once! Mummies will have a blast trick-or-treating on Halloween night. You can also break this out for casual Halloween events throughout the spooky season. Your child could even wear this to an ancient Egypt party. With a costume this comfy and cute, we’re guessing that return of the mummy will be the theme of your household for months to come!

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