Women’s Pumpkin Poncho Costume


Always fit in this Halloween with the Women’s Pumpkin Poncho Costume. This is one of the easiest costumes to wear.

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Season of GloveEvery season has its merits but fall is something special. There’s just the right amount of chill in the air. During the day you can slip into your favorite sweater and a nice pair of jeans with boots. Maybe you’ll top it all of with a fashionable hat that’s there just for looks. And at night you’ll hunker down in your favorite fall jacket and admire the way the leaves crinkle under your feet and woosh around the sidewalk when the wind kicks up. And then, as October goes on, people start putting their Halloween decor out. As the nights start getting dark faster, you’ll see glowing lanterns and Jack-o-lanterns popping up on people’s porches and in their yards. Taking a twilight stroll and noticing all the seasonal cheer appear makes October one of the best times of the year! Ready for some autumnal wandering? Show your seasonal spirit when you throw this Jack-o-lantern poncho over any ensemble. Product DetailsAre you looking for an instant costume for that after-work party or a quick fun look to wear when you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating? This simple poncho is a great, cheery option! The loose look is one size fits all and features a large smiling pumpkin and it’s topped with a green neckline. Made of lightweight material, you can roll up this poncho and take it to go to prepare for impromptu costuming. Keeping it SweetBe ready for Halloween on a moments notice. This kid-friendly poncho is a great way to make volunteering at your church’s autumn festival or your child’s fall concert a lot more festive. Make sure everyone knows you’re in the spirit of the season. Hey, wear this on a coffee run and you might even get a deal on that pumpkin spice latte!

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