Women’s Plus Size Fierce Feline Costume


Everyone will be wondering where their pearls and diamonds went at your next costume themed party when you’re wearing this Plus Size Women’s Fierce Feline Costume!

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On the ProwlThere’s no doubt you have a mischievous side as well as a sultry side, and occasionally the two have conflicting interests. Sometimes you like melting into the outskirts of a noisy throng, observing everything that happens with your keen night vision until you see the perfect chance to create a little mayhem – and maybe lift a few baubles from their unsuspecting owners. They’ll never miss their flashy watches or glittering earrings until you’re far away wearing a little extra bling. That’s lots of fun – but so is sauntering into the middle of a crowded dance floor, drawing every eye in the room with your undeniable allure. Was that a tail we saw flicking, or was that a trick of the light? There’s no way to be sure!Product Details Walk on the wild side in this sassy, slinky, spectacular Women’s Fierce Feline costume! They’ll never see you coming, but once you appear in their midst, no one will be able to forget your incredible outfit. The jumpsuit’s polyester-spandex blend shines in the light and is perfectly stretchy to hug all your favorite curves. Matching elbow-length gloves keeps you from leaving incriminating pawprints. A belt cinches in the middle, playing double duty as both an attractive accessory and a handy place to stash pilfered valuables. A headband with pawsitively purrfect kitty ears holds back your flowing mane, and a sequined mask protects your true identity. Feline FataleWho can resist the appeal of your velvety, purring voice, or your sleek, scintillating charm? No one can for long – and by then it’s too late. Your only weakness is a big bowl of milk, and the last time we checked, that isn’t a common party drink. Your secret is safe with us! 

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