Women’s Cat Fight Costume


Let out your inner feline with this tight cat fight costume. You are sure to turn heads as you stroll through the party in knee high boots with a black leather whip.

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Hot under the CollarThere are some animals that won’t be tamed. People can threaten, plead, or cage but there’s nothing man can do to bend the animal to do what we want. Once you open the cage the animal will streak out and strike back. Your treats and your kind words will be briskly ignored. And once you’re done threatening the wild animal with a slipper, you’d better not turn your back. This Halloween, become one of those famous animals who just won’t wear a collar. No matter who comes along, a strong cat like you will always get her way. Now all you’ve got to do is find the best jewel to top off your collection. Product DetailsYou’ll feel ready to fight, steal, and slink away in this gorgeous Cat Fight costume. The sleek zip-up catsuit has a wide neckline with cold-shoulder sleeves. With slits and a wet look flexible material, this costume balances coverage with a slinky feel. A belt buckles around the middle while a long cattail curls from the back. And of course, this look is topped with a formed mask with pointy black ears. Perilous PawsThis Halloween, you might be dressed as a cat but that doesn’t mean you’re some kind of pet that wears a collar. You’re not fluffy and cuddly, waiting for someone to come and give you a treat. You’re the kind of animal who’s in an alleyway for an opportunity to fight a long-awaited enemy. Though you might allow yourself the occasional nap in the sun, you’d never be caught in a corner. Oh no, there’s always an escape route. There’s no way to keep an animal like you out of somewhere you want to be or in somewhere you don’t want to be. And if you do get caught in a corner, whoever catches you better be prepared to fight!

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