Women’s Lucille Flapper Costume Heels


Lindy hop your way into the roaring twenties. Bring your next roaring 20s costume to life with a pair of Lucille Flapper Heels. For an even jazzier look, be sure to check out our numerous 1920s accessory pieces.

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What do illegal alcohol runs, gorgeous dresses, and wild parties all have in common?Welcome to the roaring twenties! The 20s had it all: parties, dancing, and fun! Even if things weren’t always good, when it came to playtime, they knew how to make it great! Once you’re in a pair of Lucille Flapper Heels be sure to use words like zozzled, jelly beans, and applesauce! If people say they don’t understand just call them a wet blanket. That’s what they would’ve done in the 20’s and everyone was hip back then.Whether they were out on the town or deep inside at a speakeasy, flappers were always ready to get their dance on. These closed-toe black strappy heels are perfect for a night of dancing and having a great time with your fellow flappers. Perhaps a few gangsters will even make an appearance for the night!

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