Witch Plush Costume Hat


With this Witch Plush Costume Hat you can embody a high-flying witch of the skies. With its high pointy peak, its standout silver-colored buckle, and a sinister curve to the brim it will be sure to wow at whatever occasion you wear it at.

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Soft SpellYes, it’s true. For decades, centuries even, you ruled your village with an iron cauldron (and fist). You have been ruthless. You have been calculating. You’ve crafted revenge potions. You’ve turned enemies into statues, cockroaches, and slugs. And you did it all with a shriek of glee. You have long been, it seems, a truly wicked witch. But lately, you’ve grown bored of your evil ways. You have been reading a lot of self-help books, and practicing better self-care, and now you’re looking to get in touch with your softer side. Some say a witch’s power is in her hat, and a swap may be in order. Try this Tall Plush Witch Hat on for size and see just how powerful soft can feel. Suddenly, your cauldron is bubbling with healing potions and happy draughts. You turn your friends into majestic creatures at their request, and you only allow yourself one night of proper witch mischief—Halloween! This cap still lets you feel like yourself, but it also reminds you to soften, slow down, and enjoy the ride. You have millenia, after all, to hone your witchcraft for good!Product DetailsThis is a fun witch cap, but plush and soft! The hat is a black velvet material, and the red trim and large buckle are also plush. There is a size adjuster inside for easy wear.

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