Alien Abduction Costume Hat


Have you ever been abducted by aliens or want to be? Get this Alien Abduction Costume Hat to live your dreams or to relive your nightmare with this spooky hat accessory!

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Brain AbductionHave you ever had one of those moments? You know, one of those instances that feels like your brain has left your body for a second… almost like it’s gone to outer space. We’ve heard people call these “brain farts” before. We have a different theory. What if we told you that we think it’s actually aliens.Just hear us out before you start looking at us like the guy from the aliens meme! Aliens are commonly accused of abducting cows and people who wander off by themselves. It’s not such a huge leap for them to abduct a human brain for a few seconds and then toss it back in without anyone being the wiser. And what about all of those movies that feature aliens trying to use mind control against humans? In fact, what if there’s a tiny alien watching your brain right now, waiting to steal it right in the middle of a conversation with your friends!?Product DetailsAlright, so maybe our theory is a little far-fetched and ill-constructed, but it’s nice to pretend! Now with this Alien Abduction Hat, you can pretend like all of those little brain farts that happen during the day are caused by this little fella! The hat is designed to look like a tiny U.F.O. and it fits comfortably on your head to give you an easy costume option for any party.

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