Womens Fairytale Red Riding Hood Costume


This Fairytale Red Riding Hood Costume for women is an exclusive design that presents a fresh take on a classic storybook character.

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We’ve all heard the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. She’s a cute little girl who skips through the woods, attempting to deliver a basket of tasty goodies to her very sick grandmother. The Big Bad Wolf catches wind of her journey and races to poor old granny’s house, eats her and lies in wait for the red-clad little girl. The huntsman jumps in at the last minute to save the day and everyone (except the wolf). But, how about putting your own spin on the classic tale? Maybe Red Riding Hood is a lot more cunning that in the classic tale! Maybe she gets the jump on the wolf and granny never gets eaten. Maybe Red saves the day, delivers the goodies and everyone plays a nice game of pinochle. With this Red Riding Hood costume, you get to decide how the story ends!This Fairytale Red Riding Hood costume combines classic with sassy! It’s a red satin dress that has ruffles along the skirt. A white underskirt peeks out from underneath to add a traditional look from the fairytale. And, of course, no Little Red Riding Hood costume would be complete without a hood! This costume comes with a red cape with an attached hood that fits around the shoulders. Once you have it on, all you need to do is load up your basket full of goodies and get the drop on the dastardly wolf before he tries to eat your grandma! (You’d better hurry, girlfriend!)

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