Women’s Dark Knight Joker Shirt


This Women’s Dark Knight Joker Shirt is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of any fan of the popular movie. Layer it under a blazer or wear it alone and you’ll be feeling your Joker best!

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Purple is the New BlackIn Gotham, there is generally a rule that anything goes. There are literal parties where Batman’s Rogues Gallery gather to debate about his secret identity and share their most recent capers, and there is sure to be some kind of questionable science experiment that will end up adding someone’s name to the attendance roster. But there is one rule that is pretty much an obligation. In Gotham, you wear black!Naturally, the top-tier villains laugh at such a suggestion. The Riddler and Poison Ivy mock convention in their green attire and Mr. Freeze is known for his blue hue, but nobody flaunts boring black quite like the Joker. While we certainly can’t condone most of his behavior, we can’t deny that his clashing colors give Gotham life… and now it is time for you to pose in purple pride as well!Design & DetailsWhether decking out for a Halloween look or seeking a comic-inspired addition to your wardrobe, this Women’s Dark Knight Joker Shirt is the perfect addition to your Gotham garments. Soft and warm, this cotton poplin button-down shirt is part of our Made By Us line and features patterned hexagons in various purple shades. Add this as part of your Joker cosplay or sport a look around town that is sure to turn heads!

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