Deluxe Old Woman Mask


This grandma is young at heart! Be a hit at your next Halloween party in the Deluxe Old Woman Mask. This mask can help complete and endless amount of fun costume looks.

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Have you ever wanted to be the crotchety old cat lady down the road? The one who steals the nerf footballs that fly into her yard from a missed Hail Mary pass. Sure, she seems mean and stuffy. But you know what they say. You got to walk a mile in someone’s shoes before you can fully understand her.Well, if you want to really get to know her then this Deluxe Old Woman Mask is the way to go. You can really get in her mindset by stealing all the nerf footballs in the neighborhood. We don’t suggest getting yourself a houseful of cats—that seems like a bit too much. Stick to two or three cats at maximum. Or you can just wear this mask as you jump scare your friends. What’s a better prank than standing over your friend’s bed with an old woman’s face until he feels the creepy eyes waking him up? Just watch out for flying fists, knees, and elbows.

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