Women’s Dark Knight Joker Blazer


You’ll be ready to visit Gotham City to spread some laughter when you wear this exclusive Women’s Dark Knight Joker Blazer! Perfect for wearing to the office or for your next costume.

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A Passion for PurpleWe can kind of understand the obsession Harley Quinn had for the Joker. He’s a pretty enigmatic guy. Wild, chaotic, and always full of energy. That sure sounds fun. Plus, he’s got a real sense of style. Who before the Joker looked at green and purple and went, “Yeah, that’s the color combo that the world needs!” and then still managed to get everyone on board? Naturally, the Joker still has some serious issues. He’s flatly insane… but not about his couture.So, we can’t be too surprised to see Harley taking down the Joker bit by bit, dethroning him as the Clown Prince of Crime. In fact, we kind of think that she deserves to don the mantle that the Joker made famous. Imagine Harley’s bright colors bolstered by the royal shine of purple, too!Design & Details Whether you are to help Harley on her quest or adore the Joker’s color palette, this officially licensed Dark Knight Joker Blazer for Women is just the thing to elevate your look to dramatic levels. The exterior shell of this Made By Us blazer is a dark purple that will go with nearly any outfit. The interior lining shines with brighter purple and card-themed designs. A single button and real pockets cinch this look together whether you’re aiming for a professional look or going for some top-tier cosplay elevation!

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