Deluxe Fez Hat


Top off your Fez costume with the Deluxe Fez Hat. Hat circumference is 26 inches and one size fits most.

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The Mysterious OrderFolks talk a lot about secret societies. While that would appear to make them significantly less secret than they are intended, all that’s really important is that a few of the details are kept quiet. Maybe the true name of the group. Maybe the identities of the leaders. Perhaps where the meetings are held. Definitely where the snack table is located.But, disguising the leaders can often be a pretty solid way to maintain secrecy. If everyone seems to be wearing exactly the same attire, who can know the difference from one to the next unless they’re in the know!? Of course, you still want to be stylish. Who would want to hang around wearing a drab sheet or some boxy outfit?Product DetailsOf course, the exception is if you’re wearing a Deluxe Fez Hat! This iconic felt hat is seem throughout all sorts of historic and organized groups and we can tell why! Pretty comfy. Definitely solid in its recognizable shape. The perfect fun of a black tassle? It was and still is a glorious trendsetter! A Secret CrownOnce you’ve got your Fez on, only you will know if you’re the leader of your mysterious group or a proud member. What’s the secret? Well, where do you think they came up with the question: what’s under your hat!? 

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