Turquoise Tutu


Accessorize your costume with this Turquoise Tutu. This skirt is made of 100% polyester knit mesh and has multiple layers of knit mesh for fullness. This tutu can add extra magic to plenty of your looks!

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The Turquoise TwistWhat would life be like if it weren’t for bright colors? A muted life would be like taco Tuesdays without hot sauce or a cake without sugar, sure it’s there, but there’s not much that’s making it memorable. When it comes to costumes, this mentality is even more important! Slip a little more color into any ensemble and you’ve got a look that will truly pop! And when that color comes in layers of fluffy tulle, that’s even more exciting! Add more flavor to any ensemble when you slip into this bright and cheerful skirt. What better way to do the turquoise twist?Costume DetailsThis tutu can be worn solo or under other skirts to give them extra flounce. The lightweight layers of tulle are attached to a comfortable elastic band, so you’ll hardly notice it’s there!A Real CharacterAre you developing a character for your next costumed gathering? This tutu can add extra magic to plenty of looks! Add more fun to a television character by replacing a blue skirt with a tutu. Complete a bland animal costume with tutu flair. Or you can go the classic route and make your own fairy costume, using this piece as a base! A cast of colorful characters is at your fingertips!

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