Womens Bumblebee Poncho


Take on the flight of the bumblebee when you wear this Womens Bumblebee Poncho. This Womens Bumblebee Poncho features a yellow and black striped pattern that will have you looking bee-irrific!

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All AbuzzYou spend your days working hard to save the bees—after all, they are responsible for pollinating nearly all the plants that make up the world’s food! But bees sometimes get a bad rep, and because they are so small, they can get lost in the shuffle of things to care about.That is why this Women’s Bumblebee Poncho is such a stellar find for a bee-enthusiast like you! Not only does it make a perfect Halloween costume when paired with an all-black ensemble, but you can also rock it year-round to casual work functions, friend gatherings, or even Saturdays spent planting your community’s new pollinator garden. It will prove a not-so-subtle way to spread your message, and look totally adorable while doing so! Trust us, you’ll be all the buzz around town. Product DetailsThis pullover poncho is made from a flowy, lightweight material that will blow in the breeze. It’s striped in yellow and black like a classic honeybee, and it is adorned with cute white daisy accents. Don a fun flower barrette or a full-on flower crown to complete your look. Make sure to bring a jug of your homemade mead with you to the festivities!

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