Women’s Blue Gingham Costume Dress


This Women’s Sexy Blue Gingham Costume Dress is a sexy and sweet Oz look. You’ll be the most stylish Kansas farm girl to ever take a walk down the yellow brick road!

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Home is great and all. Really, there’s no place like it! But wouldn’t it be nice to see the colorful land beyond the rainbow. Who knows what kind of adventure is waiting? What friends there are to be made? Maybe you’ll even find some fabulous shoes! That exotic local over the rainbow isn’t easy to get to. You can’t simply book a flight online, though we heard you can float to it in a hot air balloon. Still, the best way to get to the mysterious land of Oz is by happy accident. When you get there don’t be surprised if you’re treated like a hero. It happened to the famous wizard and to another girl a few years back and her house landed on some lady! Expect parades of adorable small folk and be prepared to accept a mission. It’ll probably include skipping all around the country in order to speak with various magic people. Hey, there’s no better way to see the countryside than skipping!  Just like any vacation, you’ll want to make sure you have the perfectly picturesque ensemble for those once-in-a-lifetime Instagram pics. If you’re heading to Oz than gingham is a must! This dress is an updated version of a classic pinafore with a fitted bodice and capped sleeves. Pair it with a petticoat to give your skirt even more twirl factor. And hey, with the added-on basket and stuffed animal you can even bring your little dog too! Sure, there’s no place like home but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve an adventure.  

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