Stay Out Foam Sign 18″ Decoration


Let everyone know that this scary room is off limits with the 18″ Stay Out Foam Sign Decoration. If they do enter what they find might drive them a little batty.

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ContextContext is important. Sure, it seems pretty obvious, but let’s go through a simple example to illustrate this idea. When you place this Stay Out Foam Sign Decoration on your door during the Halloween season, it’s sort of like reverse psychology to those who read it. It actually invites your potential party guests inside, letting them know that they’re in for a real spooky party. If you place it on your door during any other time of the year… well, it means literally what’s printed on the front. That’s precisely why this simple sign is so great! It has dual purposes.Product DetailsThis Stay Out Foam Sign Decoration is a pretty simple decoration. It’s designed to look like a simple slab of stone, with the words “Stay Out” etched into the front. It has a strong graveyard sort of vibe to it. You can hang it on your door, or anywhere that could use some spooky style. Of course, the best part about this decoration is that it has dual uses. You can use as part of your Halloween decor during Halloween, or place it on your door to let people know to stay away during the rest of the year!

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